Import Service

Import Service

With the criterion of operating for the benefit of customers, we provide convenient and fast delivery and delivery services - documents are always close and complete for customers.

The Process Of Importing Official Shipments As Follows:


Step 1

Sign a purchase contract

Step 2

Payment and transportation of goods to Vietnam port

Step 3

Customs declaration and internal tax

Step 4

Through delivery of goods to the warehouse for customers

The process of importing an official shipment includes 4 steps:

Step 1: Negotiate international purchase contracts (Price, delivery conditions, payment methods, delivery time …)

Step 2: Pay and ship the goods to Vietnam (booking a place on a transport ship, loading the goods into a container for transfer …)

Step 3: After the goods arrive at Hai Phong port (Open the customs declaration, KTCT (depending on the item), pay tax and clear the goods)

Step 4: Clearance and transfer goods to the customer’s warehouse: Pick up the goods from the port and transport to the customer’s warehouse, handing over the documents – documents.


Each type of item has a different import tax and is subject to the goods management policy at the ministries, so we hope to advise customers on step 1 to ensure the most favorable import shipment.